In the Santos district, between 1858 and 1859 narrow roads were born, linking Rua da Boavista and other main streets to Tagus River. Boqueirão dos Ferreiros, where Ribeira 11 building is located, is one of those roads, full of industrial buildings.

The existing building was constructed in the XX century and its aesthetic was thought and developed with the main purpose of serving, firstly as a metalworking warehouse and then as a cardboard warehouse. This link with industrial activities led to the choice of industrial related materials as the concrete and lime, as well as its construction system based on structural stone masonry and partition walls in the upper floors.

The architecture solution searches a harmonious structural logic between the original building and the new building, creating a light outer structure, contrasting to the original heavy structure.

With the rehabilitation works, Ribeira 11 intends to remain a reference in this riverside area as one of the examples of the past made of a pragmatic architecture and related to this area’s industrial characteristics.

The wide common terrace in the south end of the building creates an exclusive and quiet area for Ribeira 11 residents, who can also enjoy an outdoor training area in Ribeira 11 rooftop.

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As imagens relacionadas com o Plano de Pormenor do Aterro da Boavista Nascente tentam reproduzir o previsto no plano, contudo podem não refletir com exatidão a futura realidade da envolvente  /  The images related to the Plano de Pormenor do Aterro da Boavista Nascente are not binding and may not reflect the correct building’s future surroundings.