Between Santos and Cais do Sodré, close to the recently refurbished Time Out Market, Ribeira 11 is located in a former industrial area surrounded by historical, cultural and social amenities.

Santos neighborhood was named in 2005 as Santos Design District, having sheltered designers, architects and art enthusiasts ever since.

Cais do Sodré’s proximity to Tagus River made this area sought after for sailors and travelers, who explored this neighborhood’s bohemian spirit and eclecticism, traits that can still be found today. Therefore, Cais do Sodré is one of the Lisbon’s most trending nightlife areas, with popular bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

In Cais do Sodré we can find schools and art studios working next to bustling restaurants; old tile façades and charming old buildings surrounded by modern construction. The recently refurbished Time Out Market is seen as a landmark for this area of the city.

The building is part of an area covered by the Plano de Pormenor do Aterro da Boavista Nascente, an intervention plan to develop this riverside area. Public gardens in the building surroundings will be created, through the demolition of existing buildings in the Boqueirão dos Ferreiros street, as well as the transformation of constructions in the Ribeira 11 rear façade into a vertical garden.

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As imagens relacionadas com o Plano de Pormenor do Aterro da Boavista Nascente tentam reproduzir o previsto no plano, contudo podem não refletir com exatidão a futura realidade da envolvente  /  The images related to the Plano de Pormenor do Aterro da Boavista Nascente are not binding and may not reflect the correct building’s future surroundings.